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Air Conditioning Checks

Summers here – at last!

Did you know you should get your air conditioning serviced once a year to keep it working efficiently and effectively? When air conditioning isn’t working efficiently it puts more demand on the engine to create the same level of cooling, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

We offer an air conditioning Check & Recharge for just £42+VAT per vehicle!

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Aircon Check & Recharge

  • Our technicians will ensure the air conditioning system is cooling correctly
  • We will check your air conditioning levels and top up the refrigerant for you
  • If repairs are necessary, this will be quoted as required
  • For just £10 extra, we will undertake specialist air conditioning cleaning that will eliminate harmful bacteria and odours

Regular checks ensure that your air conditioning is working at optimum performance, as a drop in gas pressure results in a loss of cooling efficiency, which makes your engine work harder – burning more fuel. And remember… this is not usually included in your car’s annual service.

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