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Aluminium Car Body Repairs

Brandon Body Centre now offers structural aluminium repairs.

A number of car manufacturers are now building cars with aluminium body panels to reduce weight and improve both performance and fuel economy. These include Audi, Aston Martin, the new Range Rover, Porsche, BMW and Jaguar. However, carrying out repairs on aluminium-bodied vehicles requires specialist repair methods and equipment.

Aluminium Car Body Repair – important considerations

Aluminium has a very high corrosion resistance because, if exposed, the surface simply oxides, forming a protective layer. However, the presence of small particles of steel (as you would find in a car bodyshop!) can cause a process called “galvanic corrosion”. This is where a white powdery-type of corrosion forms on the surface of the aluminium part where it is in contact with the steel particle. This can cause paint to bubble and deteriorates the aluminium.

The Solution – Dedicated Aluminium Repair Area

At Brandon Body Centre we now have a completely separate work area for carrying out repairs to aluminium-bodied vehicles. We also maintain a completely separate set of tools that are used exclusively for aluminium repairs.

Having separate car body repair areas for steel and aluminium removes the risk of cross contamination of materials and the associated risk of galvanic corrosion.

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