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Accident Repair

It’s taken care of…

While your insurance company may try to persuade you to use their “approved repairer”, remember it’s your legal right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. Many of our customers specify they want us to carry out their car repair, because they value our professional and courteous service. Don’t worry, we will liaise fully your insurer and get you back on the
road ASAP.

Our car repair workshop is equipped with the latest technology, and we work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure our vehicle repairers training and knowledge is kept up to date. All work carried out by skilled, qualified technicians and we provide a 3 Year Guarantee on All Body Repairs.

Keen on green?

So are we. We operate a sustainable recycling program, whereby all materials replaced are disposed of in a safe and environmentally aware way, and we only use water based non-solvent paint

Non-fault claim?

Been in an accident that’s not Your Fault?  Contact us right away – we can save you money and protect your No Claims Bonus. Our claims management team will act on your behalf, taking care of all legal aspects, compensation if applicable and rapid delivery of a courtesy car of the same standard as your current model. We will make sure repairs to your vehicle carried out as quickly as possible, recover any costs incurred from the third party (such as your policy excess), make sure that your no claims bonus is not affected and ensure that you receive any compensation that you may be entitled to for personal injuries you may have suffered as a result of the motor accident.

Fault Claims

If you’ve had a minor accident it could be that the cost of paying for the repair yourself works out less than the cost of your excess and the inconvenience of going through your insurance company, contact us for a quote on 01483 816920. It could save you money and preserve your no claims bonus! We can also extend this service to the third party, which saves them the hassle of going their insurance too. Even if you are at fault in an accident, you are still free to choose who repairs your vehicle, regardless of what your insurance company may tell you.


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